Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's In Store(s)

I feel a bit disconnected from the market this holiday season. I've been busy contemplating new concepts and different game ideas and haven't paid too much attention to what's going on elsewhere. It's relatively safe to say board games will get their share of holiday wallets though. Economic conditions virtually gaurantee it at least in a relative sense. Spending may be down overall this holiday season, but people will be smart with the money they do spend. Board games are a tremendous value when viewed as an entertainment expense. Unlike movie tickets, or a dinner out, a board game can be played again and again and easily shared with others. It doesn't disappear after one use.

What games people buy in the coming month or so I cannot say for certain. In the absense of other information or personal knowledge, people tend to gravitate towards familar and trusted names. And with that said, I thus wouldn't expect any new game to make a significant splash this year. I could be wrong. Like I said, I feel a bit disconnected from the market these days. Perhaps there's a sleeper out there I haven't caught wind of yet.

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