Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big E Toys Adds “Emotional Nutrition” Label to Stumblebum Board Game

Fun and Laughter are key ingredients to this charades-based game

PLYMOUTH, MN — May 5, 2009 — As it turns out, our mental and physical well-being is a laughing matter. Big E Toys, the maker of the charades-based party game Stumblebum and other fun and educational products, today announced the addition of a new “Emotional Nutrition” label to its Stumblebum packaging. The Emotional Nutrition label mimics the typical Nutrition Facts label found on most consumer packaged grocery items. But rather than depicting Calories, Fat, Cholesterol and other traditional measurements and ingredients found in food, the Stumblebum Emotional Nutrition label depicts Fun and Laughter.

Studies have shown that humor and laughter can have a profound effect on personal health. “I think people generally understand the importance of humor and laughter in life,” says Chip Engdahl, the Big E of Big E Toys. “What is often missed though is the direct link between humor and personal health. Humor and laughter are essential components to our emotional and physical well-being.”

Especially in tough economic times and a world filled with political uncertainty, people need to find little ways to keep themselves emotionally and mentally healthy. “Although I can’t scientifically prove Stumblebum will add fun and laughter to people’s lives and therefore have a positive effect on their overall well-being, empirically I know it to be true,” says Engdahl. “Stumblebum is downright fun. As the Emotional Nutrition label on the Stumblebum box suggests, people will get their fill of Belly-Busting and Side-Splitting laughs, and other forms of fun. I mean really, what could be better than playing a great board game like Stumblebum and having a few laughs with family or friends?”

In addition to being a great outlet of fun and laughter, Stumblebum provides great value for a family’s entertainment dollar. Unlike a night at the movies, or a dinner out, a board game can be enjoyed over and over again. The fun keeps on going. And unlike other forms of entertainment, board games like Stumblebum are inherently family-oriented and are often multi-generational affairs.About Stumblebum
Stumblebum is a charades game like you’ve never played before. Performers are given physical challenges like “stand on one leg” or “eyes closed” while they act out a short list of words. Get teammates to say the words and you score. If not, your opponent can steal. Designed for ages 8 to adult, each game takes less than half an hour to play and participants are up and playing in just a few minutes. It’s unbelievably simple and fun. Game includes 169 game cards, 2 game dice, a 30-second sand timer, card holder, and game instructions. It’s great for get-togethers of all kinds. “It’s so fun, you may actually fall down laughing™.”

About Big E Toys
Big E Toys is a small toy company specializing in board games. It was started by Chip Engdahl on the simple idea that life should be fun. Products include the games Stumblebum®, Coopetition®, and the card deck Chops®. Big E Toys strives to develop quality games that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. For more information, contact Big E Toys at 1.866.411.BIG.E (2443) or visit us at http://www.bigetoys.com/.

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